Elon Musk's Mom's Hotel Choice in China

Recently, Maye Musk, the mother of the former world's richest person Elon Musk, visited China to promote her new book. She traveled to Guangzhou, Xiamen, Chengdu, Suzhou, Wuhan, and finally Shanghai.

So where did Maye Mush choose to stay in China? We went through Maye's Instagram posts to find out which hotels she stayed at in China:

First Stop Guangzhou

Visited Hotels: Guangzhou Rosewood Hotel, Guangzhou White Swan Hotel

Maye's first stop on her trip to China was Guangzhou. Photos and captions on Instagram showed her touring Shamian Island, taking a boat ride on the Pearl River, and posing with the "Little Waist" sculpture in her room on the 103rd floor at Guangzhou Rosewood Hotel.

As soon as Guangzhou Rosewood Hotel made its debut, it secured its position as the queen of hotels in Guangzhou. No wonder it captured the heart of Maye, who has become a billionaire.

The hotel is located on the 93rd floor of the 530-meter-tall Chow Tai Fook Financial Center in the central area of Guangzhou's Tianhe district. From every window of the hotel, there are unobstructed views, as if you're standing on top of the world.

The Rosewood Hotel is located on the east side of the central axis, facing the Four Seasons Hotel on the west side. The extraordinary high-altitude view brings an exceptional landscape.

This is also the first collaboration between Rosewood Hotel and Yabu Pushelberg. Yabu has always been known for its clever space partitioning and accurate understanding of the atmosphere. Starting from the vermilion lacquer door at the hotel entrance, you can feel Yabu's exploration of localization.

Here, everything you do feels like experiencing a "world record". Not only is it one of the top ten tallest buildings in the world, the tallest building in Guangzhou, but it also has the highest bar and restaurant in Guangdong, as well as the world's fastest elevator (21 meters/second).

The 300-meter high-altitude swimming pool on the 94th floor of the hotel is undoubtedly the highest swimming pool in Guangzhou.

In addition to visiting Rosewood Hotel to take a photo with the Little Waist sculpture, Maye also visited the elegant Guangzhou White Swan Hotel.

Opened in 1983, the White Swan Hotel was undoubtedly a pioneering hotel of its time. Mr. Huo Yingdong, a Hong Kong businessman, personally selected the location on Shamian Island with a unique vision and utilized the popular land reclamation technology in Hong Kong at that time to create a prime location for the White Swan Hotel.

At the same time, it was acquired by LHW in 1985 and has hosted a number of celebrities such as Queen Elizabeth II and Bill Gates. It is also renowned for the Rolls-Royce ceremonial car.

To welcome the Queen, Sir Gordon Wu, a Hong Kong businessman from Guangzhou, gave three Rolls-Royces to the White Swan Hotel, two of which were the popular first-generation Rolls-Royce Silver Shadows, and one was an extremely rare extended Silver Cloud with a limited royal blue body.

Even though Guangzhou has now formed a luxury hotel circle centered on Zhujiang New Town, the White Swan Hotel on Shamian Island by the Pearl River still maintains its independent and masterful style. The hotel's Michelin-starred restaurant, Jade River, is a must-visit when in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Rosewood Hotel

The Second Stop: Xiamen

Visited Hotel: Xiamen Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Keen hotel enthusiasts can easily spot this cold jade marble table belonging to the Xiamen Waldorf Astoria. Maye's red suit is so cool, it's worth mentioning.

The Xiamen Waldorf Astoria Hotel is Hilton's 300th hotel in China and the 4th Waldorf Astoria in China, opening up a "vacation dream" in the elegant manor of the southern island.

The hotel blends modern elements with exquisite details, reinterpreting the unique culture of this coastal city. The design theme is "elegant manor," combining traditional Nanyang elements with contemporary European architectural styles.

The hotel's four restaurants and bars provide guests with authentic and delicious dining experiences and exquisite delicacies.

Xiamen Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Third Stop: Chengdu

Hotel Visited: Waldorf Astoria Chengdu

It seems that Maye really loves Waldorf Astoria, as she once again stayed at this legendary brand upon arriving in Chengdu.

Waldorf Astoria Chengdu is the 27th Waldorf Astoria hotel in the world and the 200th masterpiece of the Hilton Group in the Asia-Pacific region.

As Waldorf Astoria has always favored a sense of history, this time it took a different approach and the hotel is located in the new financial district.

What's special is that this is also a high-altitude version of the WA, with hotel rooms on floors 33-46. West-facing rooms offer a glimpse of the novelty and luxury of the financial city.

Similar to other Waldorf Astoria hotels, this one in Chengdu also pays tribute to Waldorf Astoria's legendary history, seamlessly integrating the 1930s Art Deco style. The hotel's designer Jon Kastl also worked on the renovation design of Waldorf Astoria New York.

Waldorf Astoria Chengdu

Fourth Stop: Suzhou

Hotel Visited: Suzhou Park Hyatt

During Maye's trip to Suzhou, in addition to visiting Suzhou gardens and the Oriental Gate, she also wore a suit from the Chinese brand Erdos.

This cream-white suit, adorned with roses, made her look even more elegant and charming. The location for taking photos was the terrace of the Suzhou Park Hyatt (most likely in the Park Hyatt Terrace Suite).

Loyal guests of the hotel know that the main entrance of the Park Hyatt is never located directly in front of the door. After passing by the rare 150-year-old Arhat pine tree behind the hotel's logo and the 120-year-old Japanese black pine tree that welcomes visitors under the eaves, you will officially enter this lakeside mansion.

This low-rise building by Jinji Lake, with the iconic Ferris wheel watching over it day and night, is still rare among several "urban branches" in China (such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen). It no longer competes for the skyline and returns to the cultural origin of elegant Eastern-style gardens and mansions.

As a major attraction of the hotel, more than 200 Japanese royal brocade carp, each worth tens of thousands to over a million yuan, swim here. Being able to enjoy this scenery is already worth millions.

If you want to get the same terrace view as Maye but can't afford a rooftop suite, you can go to the "Yue Ge" to enjoy a night of drinks on the terrace. At 7 o'clock, sit on the chair and go to the terrace to see the complete and romantic sunset process and the unobstructed urban evening glow.

Suzhou Park Hyatt

Fifth Stop Wuhan

Hotel Visited: Wuhan Pansea Fairmont Hotel

The only picture of the hotel on the Wuhan trip is this one (as shown above). Can you guess where it is? Yes, this is the suite of Wuhan Pansea Fairmont!

This hotel can be said to be one of the newest city branches of the Fairmont brand in China.

Designed by DAS Architects, headquartered in Philadelphia, USA, the Wuhan Fairmont branch is obviously more innovative in design than many classic styles of Fairmont. The black-and-white decoration style interprets the design aesthetics of the Fairmont brand as a whole.

In addition, Wuhan Fairmont has also incorporated many local elements of Jiangcheng, such as Wuhan's most famous landmark building, the Yellow Crane Tower, which has become the inspiration for the hotel's decorative patterns. It can be seen in hotel rooms and public areas. It can be said that it has achieved an excellent integration of Wuhan's historical culture and modern design trends.

Of course, perhaps the significance of Wuhan Fairmont to the city of Wuhan itself is even greater than that of the Fairmont brand. Because this is the first luxury hotel in Wuhan and can be said to truly fill the gap in the top luxury hotel circle in Wuhan.

Sixth Stop: Shanghai

Hotel Visited: Suning Beau-Rivage Hotel

Maye's last stop in China was Shanghai, the city of luxury brands. With her unique taste, she chose Beau-Rivage Hotel!

Although Beau-Rivage's river view is also outstanding, its Suzhou River view is even more scarce among the many high-end hotels in Shanghai, and can even be said to be unique.

As a heavyweight hotel under the Diaomei Group in Shanghai, Beau-Rivage combines elegance, modernity, and luxury. The hotel opened in 2018, so all aspects of hardware configuration are among the best in Shanghai's hotels.

Of course, the most distinctive room type at Beau-Rivage must be the rooms with terraces. So, it doesn't have to be a suite. Even the selected luxury terrace river view rooms are quite outstanding, with room sizes of 70-80 square meters, surpassing most hotel suites.

The most important thing is that the room comes with an extended terrace, facing the Suzhou River, and you can even see the Huangpu River and the Oriental Pearl Tower not far away from the terrace.

Maye's stay should be in this room, and she couldn't help but post four beautiful photos to prove that even the billionaire mom can be captured by such a beautiful view.

Bellagio Shanghai

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